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Sadie G. Mays Health & Rehabilitation Center is a 206-bed, skilled nursing facility located in northwest Atlanta, Georgia. The facility is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation which operates under the auspices of The Atlanta Association for Convalescent Aged Persons, Inc. Our goal is to assist each resident to attain or maintain his or her practicable mental, physical and psychosocial well-being, with dignity and respect.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The administrative responsibilities and operations fall under the supervision of Beth Laxton, a licensed nursing home administrator who serves as our Executive Director.  Ms. Laxton is a veteran nursing home administrator who served three decades in leadership at The William Bremen Jewish Home, primarily as Chief Operating Officer & Administrator.  During her tenure, the facility consistently received high ratings for quality nursing care.  Ms. Laxton also served on Sadie G. Mays Board of Directors for several years, prior to joining the staff.   Sadie G. Mays receives additional management support from PruittHealth, a regional leader in senior health care.


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